Garden of Innocence

Below is a message from Elissa Davey, Founder of “Garden of Innocence.”


I learned this week that I have been chosen as the top ten “Women of Worth” by L’Oreal for my charity Garden of Innocence.  I founded this non profit in 1998 when I read an article about a baby found in the trash in Chula Vista. Usually you read those articles and think, “who could do this?” but then your day starts and you forget. Well I couldn’t forget that article and a month later, I called the San Diego County Coroner and asked him ,”for my own peace of mind, what ever happened to that baby?”  He told me that he was still there and if no one claims him, he will be placed in an unmarked grave in Mt. Hope Cemetery.  I asked him, “how do you claim a baby thats not yours?” and he said “show me you have a dignified place to put him!”

Well that started Garden of Innocence, a non profit that provides dignified burials for abandoned & unidentified children.  To date, I have 9 gardens, 8 in California and 1 in St. Louis and we handle 42 counties in California.  Currently we have buried 288 babies in 17 years and have 6 more waiting for their services now.  I have four more gardens to finish in California then we are moving on to Portland, Oregon.

As part of the L’Oreal “Women of Worth”, out of 6000 nominees for 2015, I am in the top ten. In November, they will anounce all the top ten charities and they go up for public vote as to who you feel is the charity that should take the Nationals title for 2015.

I need your votes!  I will let you know when it is posted and I would like you to place it on all your social media spots or emails & let all your friends know, as it would mean $25,000 for my charity.

They are sending a film crew to interview me and some of my team and will be flying me to New York in December for a gala to honor all the nominees and it is very exciting. Each of the ten charties will receive $10,000 and be on the L’Oreal website.

It is very hard to raise funds right now, so this will help me continue to grow more gardens across the USA, so no child leaves this earth without someone who cared.  Please log on in November and vote for Garden of Innocence.

 “If no one grieves, No one will remember!”

Elissa Davey, Founder

Mail: P.O. Box 722 Carlsbad, CA 92018
Office: 156 Walker Way Vista, CA 92083

Providing dignified burials for abandoned children

“If no one grieves, no one will remember!”